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Currently Done For the Future
  • 3" turbo back + high flow cat + Borla muffler ($ permitting)
  • ST185 head/cams with firmer springs
  • Modified hood with reverse scoop
  • 2.2 L stroker kit ($ permitting)
  • High energy ignition and coil


Currently Done For the Future
  • Big brake kit
  • Bridgestone SO2 Pole Position tires


Currently Done For the Future
  • Turbo Timer
  • Remote trunk release


Repairs Done Since Purchasing the Car
  • All oil seals replaced (cams, front main, rear main, oil pump, oil pan)
  • Bosch Platinum spark plugs
  • All metal tank radiator
  • Replaced cracked low pressure intake hose with 3" aluminum and silicone
  • New oxygen sensor
  • New thermostat
  • Timing belt and tensioner idler pulley
  • Distributor cap
  • Rebuilt CVs with new boots
  • Rebuilt power steering pump
  • Complete clutch hydraulic system (master, rubber line, slave)
  • Replaced shocks and springs (see above under modifications)


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