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So here's my car:

alltrac1.jpg (33797 bytes)Here you see the beast in stock form. Its birth certificate says 190 hp, all wheel drive, turbo charged monster.  When I got the car it had some leakage issues as you can see.   It also had licensing issues and I had to pay nearly $1000 to register it in California.  Most of that was acceptible, but $300 of it was just plain CA cruelty tax (Smog impact fee).  The car's initial condition was very good on the exterior and interior, but with some minor issues that I had to deal with.  It needed a new starter for one. 

alltrac1.jpg (33797 bytes)Amazing how dumb dealers are when they think the clutch has something to do with cranking the engine, "You just pump the clutch and eventually it starts."  Little did he know all it needed was a starter.  Took me a few dollars and about an hour of work.   The rear suspension of the car also needed some attention since it was a bit loose.   I had the rear end apart and simply tighening it back up after checking the bushings was enough to cure that.  No more ass wag on the freeway!

underhood.jpg (39501 bytes)And yes, the picture under the hood is a very accurate representation of my daily life.  I don't spend time working on the car because it's broken most of the time.   I spend time working on it because it's my hobby.  Take it away and I'd be making web pages or doing something much less... well... fast.  Now for a picture of what it looks like currently.  The wheels are really the only external change.   Soon you will also see a lowered version.  That will come in about $1000.   I want to keep the appearance totally clean.  And scare the pants off everyone.

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