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EVO Dump Valve / Blowoff Valve

This blowoff valve (BOV) is a design that is made to work with cars with Air Flow Meters (AFM's).  It works by using a twin piston design that prevents air from escaping when on boost, but will open fully as soon as the throttle plate closes and there is vacuum in the manifold.  The design is non-adjustable and works with any boost pressure.  The exterior design is polished aluminum and very simple. (Back to Modifications)

bailey1.jpg (60936 bytes)
A general view of the install.
Ronald McDonald is NOT my mechanic...
Yellow silicone hose was all I could find in 2 1/4" diameter. 

bailey2.jpg (52214 bytes)
Notice the heavy duty clamps.
Unnecessary, but very cool.

bailey3.jpg (66952 bytes)
Another view of the install.

Now routed to intake! See below...

Note: This is a different model BOV.

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