How to get the ECU out of the Celica GT-Four / All-Trac

Know where your ECU is.  It's between your feet and the passenger's feet on the drive shaft tunnel behind the radio.

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Pull back the carpeting so you can see what you're doing.

dscn0002.jpg (138055 bytes)

Undo the 10mm bolt on the passengers (RIGHT for you non US peeps) side.

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Undo the two phillips head screws on the driver's side (US Spec) and then the 10mm bolt to get the bracket out of your way.

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Pull the blue thing (what is that anyway?) off the ECU mounted bracket completely.   Don't unplug it, just slide it out.

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Un plug all the wires running from the wiring harness.  There are 5 on the ST165.

dscn0006.jpg (132818 bytes)

Carefully slide the ECU out from its resting place.  There is a metal clip in the back that will make a "sproing" noise when you do.

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Look at the label and think to yourself "hmm I could get a G-Force in here" or "hmm this thing is worth a thousand bucks" or "hmm what did I take this out for again?"

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Thanks everyone!
Matt Yates

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